Managing Cardiovascular Complications In Diabetes

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Of all the complications which arise from diabetes, cardiovascular complications are by far the most prevalent and the most deadly

Authored by some of the world's leading names in this area, this outstanding book provides all those managing diabetic patients with clinical, practical and succinct guidance to the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular complications in diabetes

With a joint endocrinology and cardiology focus, and with the very latest in clinical guidelines from the ADA, EASD, AHA, ASC and ESC, selected highlights include The role of new biomarkers of cardiovascular disease in diabetes The latest on diagnosis of cardiovascular problems via vascular imaging Hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the diabetic patient Dyslipidaemia and its management in type 2 diabetes Management of thrombosis, acute coronary syndrome and peripheral arterial disease in diabetes Key points, case studies and self-assessment questions allow for rapid-reference, quick understanding of all topics

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